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Enchanting Wedding Childcare

Our journey together will being with an initial consultation to discuss your special day in detail, the date, the venue, the timings and your particular requirements.

We then talk about the children, their ages, likes, dislikes and favourite activities. Finally, much closer to the date we contact each parent to ensure that we deliver the very best individual care for each child attending.

We work hand in hand with Brides, Grooms, Wedding Planners and Event Coordinators to ensure that the service we offer is perfect for you, your children and your guests. We always contact the venue, caterers and any other professionals involved in your wedding to ensure that we provide the service.

Our Services

Completely Mrs. Doubtfire

Small scale soiree for children with big imaginations
Our Completely Mrs. Doubtfire engages and entertains with activities and endless toys and games.

We can keep the children happy and active from before the wedding ceremony, during the wedding breakfast and right through to the end of the evening reception.

Once dinner is served, we can supervise a children’s table in the wedding breakfast, manage a private dinner party in a separate room or liaise with the wedding coordinator to occupy the children between the courses if seated with their parents.

Perfect for…
Younger guests who remain happy throughout their day and parents who would like child supervision and entertainment at any point of the wedding or event.

Should you invite your guest's kids to you wedding?

Exclusively Mary Poppins

Dedicated members of the team just for 1:1 or a small group of children
Imagine this: the bride and her bridesmaids sip champagne, sharing the moment and creating the memories. Meanwhile the page boy is getting dressed and the flower girl is tucking in to her lunch. They are being cared for, played with, fed and kept to their nap schedule if required.

During the ceremony, we’ll be there to rescue restless little ones and maintain uninterrupted proceedings. While the reception drinks are being served, we will set out rugs, tepees, tunnels and games. We will work with the photographer, the children being close by, to achieve the smiles required and then back to play again straight after.

We supervise everything, from the snacks and afternoon naps, to the frocks and games, so the adults can simply relax and enjoy the moment.

Perfect for…
Think of us as an extra pair of hands for the bridal party, tending to a small group of children with one or two team members, always ensuring that your children remain immersed in the day.

Sleepover with Nanny McPhee

Welcome to the exclusive evening crèche
After an exhilarating day with endless activities, the children are tired and all but ready for bed. For those not staying over, we will provide a fun ‘sleepover’ experience with blankets, movies and quiet activities. Just bring their PJs and onesies and we’ll pack the snuggly blankets. If the children fancy a spin on the dance floor with their family, they can simply return once they’re all twirled out.

Once you yourself are done with your dancing shoes and ready for home, we’ll ensure your little ones will be set and ready to go.

Perfect for…
Parents who wish to enjoy the evening of the event, while ensuring their children are happy and entertained come their bedtime.
Just bring their PJs, and we’ll keep your children safe and snuggled up in a quiet, dedicated area away from the party.

Night, Night Tinkerbell

In-room overnight babysitting
Night falls, the children are tired. For those staying over our Night, Night Tinkerbell service allows you to kiss them goodnight, tuck them in and then enjoy your evening.

Story read, teeth brushed, cosy PJs on, we will babysit for you as long as you require us. This can include all night through, dressing your children so they are ready for breakfast the next morning, should you wish.

If sleep does not come swiftly, we have films, books and quiet time activities on hand so the children can wind down.

Perfect for…
Sleepyheads who are ready for bed when the parents who are attending an event or just enjoying a weekend away.

Story Box

Boutique Booths: they are filled with fun and offer so much more than other photo booths.
Taking full length photos, our spacious luxury studio booth offers a child-friendly, fun entertainment experience. There is plenty of space for children to move around and allow them to use their imaginations.
Every Boutique Booth comes with an endless array of magical costumes, fabulous props and a chest full of toys, that you need for creating and capturing memories that endure far beyond the last song of the night.

Perfect for…
Capturing all these stunning memorable moments for the children and keeping all your younger guests engaged and happy during the most ‘adult part of the day’, the speeches. The children come into our unique full-length photo booth for a magical and fun time, before we move into the beautiful family portraits when the speeches are finished.

This kids had a great time with the team of childminders

We add a touch of sparkle to any event

Ensure everyone has a great time at your wedding — our professional, qualified and experienced team ensure that your younger guests are safely entertained, all day long.

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