The Adventures and Activities of

George & Jennifer Bear and Hattie & Harry Bunny

We are missing all our lovely children who we were so looking forward to meeting and it’s not just us; our bears George & Jennifer and bunnies Hattie & Harry are missing them too! They have been creating their own memories during ‘Lockdown’ with ‘at home’ adventures and activities, you can follow them on our Instagram page to see what they have been up to and even do the activities at home.

They are having such a great time they thought that they would like to share this with their little human friends.

The Bears and Bunnies Activity Sheets are available to download.

So many socks to sort…long ones, short ones, thick woolly ones and bright sparkly ones…now to pair them all up!! Sorting through the basket George & Jennifer have learned a little more about numbers, colours and pairing but mostly importantly they have had great fun doing this!

They have even created their own activity sheet so that you can join in.

Sock Sorting Activity Sheet


Clapping for the NHS and Key Workers was very exciting to be a part of.  All of the street coming together every Thursday at 8pm was really fun and quite emotional.  The Bunnies and Bears decide to make their own instrument to play while the grown-ups clapped.

Making Music Activity Sheet

The Bears and Bunnies love to have snack with their milk, usually in the morning it is a biscuit and in the afternoon a piece for fruit.  They decided that they would like something different and LOVE cheese.  

It was hard work rolling out the pastry so Jennifer and Hattie rolled it out together with the rolling pin.  George had to be very careful while using the cheese grater!

Making Cheese Straws Activity Sheet


Our bear and bunnies heard about the fabulous competition that John Lewis Partners and Waitrose ran called, Design a Superhero Bear. Our bears George and Jennifer really wanted a Super Hero to join their gang!  The winner will see their bear on the shelves at Christmas and all the proceeds will go to the NHS. So they got out their pens and paper and got designing!


Our bear Jennifer and Harry the bunny were busy bees, in between the showers they were helping in the garden to celebrate National Gardening Week

They were missing their little (human) playmates during lockdown, so thought that they would share what they have been up to.  It was quite tricky getting the hanging basket back up on the hook!


They all wanted to decorate the front of the house in the colours of the Union Jack; red, white and blue.  Their friends from Balloonista sent them some lovely balloons.  Jennifer loved the red ones best!  George inflated some too much and they went ‘POP’ which made everyone jump!  They had to hold tight onto Jennifer so that she didn’t away fly away like Mary Poppins as they tied the balloons onto the fence at the front of the house!


Hattie and Harry love lettuce, absolutely adore it!  They eat so much that they decided to grown their own.  They chose a mixed selection and the little baby plants were delivered to their house from the Oakridge Garden Centre.  We found an old, long window which was perfect container to plant them in. They watered them every day and watched to make sure no naughty slugs or snails decided to each their lettuce as it grew.



Who loves ice cream?!  The bears and & bunnies absolutely love it, especially the yummy flavours from The Saffron Ice Cream Company.  When the nice ice cream man delivered some to their house they decided to have a special Ice Cream Picnic in the garden as they were unable to go to the park due to lockdown.  The ice cream was so delicious!  What is your favourite flavour?



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