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Bespoke private and corporate event childcare

Since 2006 we have sprinkled event childcare with fun and laughter, with a fabulous team whose extensive knowledge and expertise make the day and play magical.

Our professional team ensures each child is part of your day or evening and our exceptional standards are the reason parents entrust their children to us. They do so with confidence, knowing that they are in the safest of hands.

Just as every child is unique, so too are the events which we are able to be part of, special occasions which call for nothing less than truly tailor-made childcare services.

We care for every age range from babies to teenagers. We can stay over, armed with books and interactive activities, or be just there for a particular moment of your event. We work with you to guarantee that those charged to our care have the best possible time and are entertained at the most key parts of your event.

Parents can immerse themselves in every wonderful detail of your day, while their little ones are right where they need to be, whether that is in front of the photographer, at the dinner table or at play. Our services are not about removing children from your event nor hiding them behind closed doors. We promise that your children/our charges are included in your special day, enjoying the tailor-made moments that are created especially for them whilst being part of your day and memories.


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We have the privilege to partner with some of the most beautiful hotels and venues across the UK offering bespoke childcare for weddings, parties and special events.