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Below are some of the questions we are frequently asked by our clients and their guests. If you have a question that is not answered below, please feel free to get in touch

How much involvement do Safe and Sound have?
Our unique service handles the complete logistics for the wedding or event. and is tailored to fit around you and your guests. 
Isn’t a crèche just for babies?
A ‘crèche’ is just a term we use for one of the services we provide. Our services are about making sure that everyone at your event can enjoy what is going on and have fun. A wedding is often quite structured, formal and much more an ‘adults’ day’ – you would never take your children to a gala dinner and then onto a nightclub! We allow the children to enjoy the day, be part of proceedings and have lots of fun with our team playing games, doing activities and arts & crafts. Our team has such a variety of experiences that we match these skills and experience to the children attending the event. We have secondary school PE teachers who will engage with the teenagers, a nursery trained team to look after the tiniest of babies and every age in between!
Do I need to know all the children’s ages or even if they are attending?
We do not need to know the exact details of the children for an event straight away, we are aware that it takes time to complete the guest list. To help us guide you with what would be best for your specific day, we do require a rough estimate of the number of children, the age range and the approximate start and finish time. If you have any page boys or flower girls in with the Bridal party, then it might be an idea to have a member of the team in to help be ‘an extra pair of hands’ so you can enjoy the hair, makeup, champagne, and the whole experience. When we are closer to the date of your event and you have your RSVP’s, then we can be more specific with your requirements.
Can I adjust the details of the quote?
As soon as you know who is coming to share your event, then we can work with you to meet your exact requirements. We can help, suggest the best times for our team to be with the young ones, coordinate with you concerning who needs to be where and at what time, based on your schedule for the day. This might mean that we can work out a better way to allow all your guests to enjoy everything to the fullest.
We only have 4 or 5 children coming, do we really need a crèche?
We often come and help at an event for that number of children. We provide our care from just a single child being supervised in the parents’ bedroom at the hotel to over 250 children at a summer festival event. The number of children doesn’t affect the need for them to have something to occupy them or that extra pair of eyes who know where they are at every moment. We organise activities and games and provide a higher level of engagement and supervision of the children to allow everyone the best opportunity to enjoy your day.
Can I only book you for the ceremony?
We can be booked just for this time, but we need to allow 2 hours and a minimum fee would be applied. We always start 30mins before the next stage of the day which allows us to meet with the children and the parents, so the children think, “Well, if Mummy knows them, then it’s ok for me to play with them.” The additional time to meet with the children allows us to quickly build trust between the team members and the young ones and allow the parents to see that the children are happy and having a great time and then they can enjoy the day’s festivities.
Can I just book you for the speeches?
The meal and speeches are classed as one part of the day, so we would start 30 mins before the end of your drink’s reception. We would play with the children right up until their food is being served, therefore no one is getting bored and we can make sure they have all built up an appetite. We would need to be with the children for at least 30mins after the speeches are due to finish. This is because they can often over-run and/or after people want to celebrate their success.
Are you registered with OFSTED?
We are part of the voluntary registration with OFSTED because we provide a mobile service and do not have a setting. We ensure that every event we do is also logged with them.
What qualifications do the members of the team have? Do they have a DBS?
Each member of our team works professionally within childcare. We never recruit anyone who is newly qualified. We require our team to have some experience of life and know how to handle any situation that might arise. Our team come from a variety of professional background have primary and secondary teachers, scout leaders, nursery staff, childminders, private nannies and au-pairs. All our team hold an enhanced DBS certificate, ensuring the professionalism and character of the people who will be looking after your children. We are not a nanny agency.
Is there any paperwork to complete?
Each child will need to have a Family Information form completed which informs us of any allergies, medication or injuries, as well as any other pertinent information that we need to know to allow us to provide the best care for the children. All information is private and confidential and shared only with the relevant team who will be working with your child. We also would like to know a little bit more about the children we will be working with, making sure that we know their likes and dislikes and that we will have their favourite toys and activities on hand. Parents are most welcome to contact us direct at any time.
Can we arrange to meet the member of team who will look after our child before the event?
In some cases, a parent might request to meet with the team member who will be working with their child. This is not usually something that is included within the fee for the services provided, but we would do our best to arrange a convenient time for both parties to meet and confirm relevant costs. We always start 30 mins before the next part of the day, thus allowing the parents and children to meet with the staff who will be supervising them on the day.
Will the children stay with people they don’t know?
We find that most children are happy to stay with us and play with the team and get involved with the activities, even if they have never previously been left with anyone but immediate family. As specialists in event childcare, we rarely meet our children before the day, but our team of dedicated childcare professionals are experts at building trust quickly with both children and parents. We would love it if you wanted to come and join in with us with the fun and games!
Can you come to our home before the ceremony or to the church?
We can come to you before your ceremony and travel either with the children in the wedding vehicle or in a taxi or we can have our team use their own transportation to the ceremony. We tailor our service to whatever you need to help make your day run as smoothly as possible.
Do you charge more for a Sunday or Bank Holiday booking?
As our bespoke service is always the same no matter the day you hire us, we do not ordinarily charge an increased rate for different days of the week. The only days we do require an additional charge for any team members are Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Boxing Day, New Years Eve, New Years Day and Easter Sunday.
Can you organise a magician, bouncy castle or style the event?
We have worked for many years within the wedding and events industry and have worked with some of the leading entertainers and activity providers. We have an extensive portfolio of suppliers who are always the best in their field, who are happy to work with us and most importantly whom we trust to provide the necessary level of service to reflect our own expertise.
Do you do children’s parties? What about a family event like grandma’s 80th?
Yes we do. We can work with you on your theme, advise on the best venue and organise the entertainment, catering and styling whilst providing our highly professional supervision of the children. We specialise in providing a ‘party within a party’ for the children and specialised fun and games for any family event.
Will you go to any venue or just the ones listed on your website?
We are more than happy to go to your location wherever it may be, both here in the UK and abroad. There can be additional travel costs and sometimes overnight accommodation requirement which may need to be factored into your event, but we are more than happy to provide the Safe & Sound experience wherever your event is.
Are you happy to sign NDAs please?
Absolutely we are. We are a company who pride themselves on discretion, whether that be regarding the whole event or blending into the background at the event and carefully supporting the family as required.
What are the ratios of adults to children?
There are of course the legal minimum requirements of Ofsted which we must adhere to at all times. But we feel that these are just this, the absolute minimum and so have our own structure ensuring that we deliver attentive service to every child. This will ensure the safety of the children at all times in all locations.  So if we have children playing outside, asleep inside, playing with toys, making crafts, eating etc., all will be covered in all areas at the same time, for all of the requirements that the different ages demand.  We have plenty of activities to occupy all ages and will organise these specifically to the children attending.   The leader coordinates the logistics between the venue, catering, the parents and the children, whether it's loo runs, needing mummy or needing food/drink…it's all covered. 

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