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Fairy Godmother

Your private nanny was carefully chosen after so many interview rounds, extensive vetting and that all important gut-feeling. Whether it is years down the road or just a few months in, you’re certain you made the right choice. Your children love her. They are safe, settled and happy. 

The nanny attends to every requirement just as she should be, yet for a wedding there are many considerations which are unknown and often unexpected.  The nanny will also face the challenge of managing safety and well-being from the side-line. The children’s timetable will shift and in the place of a regular routine there are meetings and preparations, tastings and other pre-event activities and those are even before the actual wedding day. 

During the wedding or special occasion, children are extra excited. It is a long day so can suddenly tire and they can act, feel and communicate in unexpected ways. There is the exciting wedding venue, many unknown family and friends, new sights, sounds, things to do, see and experience. 

Childcare for an event demands unique considerations, differing skills and experienced event knowledge.

In steps your Fairy Godmother.

For her, weddings and events are an everyday occurrence.

Teaming up with your nanny with her highly specialised skills will result in a perfect partnership being formed.

Your Fairy Godmother will work with your personal childcare to integrate, involve and engage your children in the day, during the key moments and the memories that will last a lifetime. Throughout it all, they will liaise, as required, with you, the venue, caterers, other suppliers and photographers, always ensuring your children are at the heart of the event.

This is all about discrete coaching and gentle guidance, working alongside your trusted caregiver for key moments, throughout the unfamiliar logistics of the wedding itinerary.

 Your Fairy Godmother, alongside your child’s nanny will ensure a day that’s filled with fun, excitement and sparkle for younger guests who are able to enjoy the day in full and an event that’s even more than it promised to be.


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