When parents get married

Many couples choose to marry after they’ve started their family so children play a big part in the wedding day. For them it can become quite overwhelming especially as they tend to become the centre of attention. A sea of new faces, people who want to say ‘hello’, sometimes the little ones just need to go off with their new buddy to play, have a snack or a little snooze whatever their age.

Leading up to the big day

Getting married when you have a little one, or even two can be a huge conflict of emotions. As a parent, we feel this conflict almost daily, add getting married into the mix and the internal turmoil can be quite stressful. It’s not just about the actual day, there are the post-wedding preparations. Family arriving from the other side of the world, 101 deliveries and collections, what if it rains and “oh my goodness, my dress doesn’t fit as I have lost more weight!”. By the time the wedding day arrives there has been much activity already.

A helping hand from Safe and Sound

Involving someone who is a step away from the day, has no other focus other the children, how much relief would that give you, one less thing to have to worry about! That is what event childcare is about, it is not about less involvement or exclusion of the day (unless that is what you specifically want or want this at certain times). It is about making the children a greater part of the day by providing them with fun tailored activities, it’s a new buddy for the day, someone and something just for them!

Meet Mary Poppins

This is where our very own Mary Poppins steps in…

We can arrive at any time, lend a hand while the bridal party are busy with hair and make-up, ensuring that this time is as stress-free as possible. With us, there will be plenty of activities to keep the children occupied as and when required. The time goes very quickly and it is really important to lay the foundations for the rest of the day at this point. Ensuring when you get to the ceremony, they are going to walk up the aisle and not have a meltdown because it is nap time or they were not able to finish their lunch!

We can assist with anything and everything from dressing them, positioning them in the bridal party line-up, waiting for them in a chair seated near the front or just being there if stage-fright hits! After the ceremony, we are discretely on hand for the long process of taking photographs and we are very good at helping to achieve that special shot.

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When you are a grown-up, the wedding breakfast is a long lovely affair, gorgeous food, wines to savour and conversations to have. For children it doesn’t have quite the same appeal. So we just pop out, have a little break and come back for the next course of food, definitely for pudding! But we can also have an exclusive meal all of our own if that is the best option for your children.

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And Finally…

When they are all partied out, need to retire to somewhere quieter and more comfortable, Tinkerbell will ‘fly-in’ with a few storybooks and stay until the grow-ups return.

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