Private Nanny and Event Nanny

We are privileged to work with some of the most wonderful venues across the country caring for the children of both the lovely couples getting married, those in the bridal party or guests at the wedding. Quite often the family have a private nanny who has travelled with them for the wedding. The family, of course, wishes for their nanny to care for their children.

After being recommended by Lydia Kenny to her client, Safe and Sound were asked to provide childcare at the stunning Cliveden Hall – one of the world’s finest luxury hotels.

With 15 children in our care, including the couple’s own the bride and groom had flown in with their nanny who joined us with all the children on the morning of the wedding. It became noticeable, in particular during the ceremony that the nanny was unsure of what was required of her 3 little charges to ensure they carried out their special roles.

There are many childcare considerations for a wedding, some unknown and some often unexpected. The private nanny can also face the challenge of managing safety and well-being from the side-lines, something which they may not be used to doing. The children’s timetable will shift, and in place of their usual routine, there’s a host of preparations and activities leading up to and on the wedding day itself. Childcare for a wedding demands unique considerations, differing skills, experience and knowledge of weddings.

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So, in steps our Fairy Godmother (with her magic wand!). For her, weddings and events are an everyday occurrence. Teaming up with the nanny her highly specialised skills will result in the perfect partnership. Our Fairy Godmother works with the personal childcare to integrate, involve and engage the children in the day, during the key moments and the memories that will last a lifetime. Throughout it all, they liaise with the parents, venue, caterers, other suppliers and photographers, always ensuring that the children are at the heart of the event.

Our discrete coaching and gentle guidance, working alongside the trusted caregiver for key moments, throughout the unfamiliar logistics of the wedding itinerary.

Our Fairy Godmother, alongside your child’s nanny ensures a day that’s filled with fun, excitement and sparkle for younger guests to enjoy the day in full and an event that’s even more than it promised to be.



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